Organizer:Wendy Wergeles
Course Designer:Christine Scarlett
Dressage Judge & ClinicianChristine Scarlett

Jumping Judge

Jumping Clinician

Renee Johnson


Prizes and ribbon to 1st place,

ribbons through 5th place

Lodging:Local Hotels (click here)

Entries: Competitors are encouraged to enter multiple classes!

Entries are now OPEN        

Entries will only be accepted if mailed via US Postal Service.

Checks payable to: The Event Derby. 

Entry Fees:

The Event Derby® (2 Full Classes)$90.00
3rd, or 4th Full Class (each)$60.00
Jumping Only Classes$50.00
Dressage Only Classes$35.00
Saturday Jumping Clinic (per 2 hour group of 5).
*Includes coaching on Sunday if desired.
Saturday Dressage Clinic- Group or Ride-A-Test$50.00

Post Entry/Late Fee/Incomplete Entry Fee$20.00

The Event Derby® & Clinics, Fresno County Horse Park

In an effort to make the tentative schedule more accurate we will not be accepting dressage entries or full Derby entries after the Thursday prior to The Event Derby®. Riders will still be able to post enter all classes for a $20 post entry fee from the closing date to the Wednesday prior to The Event Derby®. Riders can still post enter the "Jump Only" phase of The Event Derby® ($20 post entry will apply if not previously entered prior to the closing date) all the way up to the Derby and on the day of the Derby.

Read division specifications, including The Event Horse 2B Challenge, FEH, NEH, YEH, and more.

Is your horse for sale? Let us help by promoting your horse during the event. 

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You must fill out and submit the entire entry including BOTH release forms for your entry to be complete.

Clinics: All dates offer clinics on Saturday. Dressage clinics are either Ride-A-Test classes or introductory group lessons. Jumping clinics will address questions and obstacles presented in the next days courses. If you ride in the Jumping Clinic, you are welcome to request coaching assistance and course walks during the competition from our Clinician.

Future, Young and New Event Horse

Entry forms for the FEH, YEH and NEH are available on the Forms page. Please include these forms along with the release forms above with payment if you are entering any of these divisions.

Send all entry and release forms to:

Lynne Arnold

960 6th St. Unit 101A-115
​Norco, CA 92860

Entries must be postmarked by September 7 to avoid the $20 late entry fee.

The Event Horse 2B Challenge is back!

Is your horse new to competition? See the Rules page for information on this unique class for brand new equine competitors.