Competition Rules & General Information

DRESSAGE: The object of dressage is the harmonious development of the horse's physical and mental condition. Horse and rider are required to execute a series of prescribed movements to demonstrate obedience, suppleness and strength. Each movement is awarded a score from 0 to 10. In addition, the judge assigns collective marks for the horse's pace, impulsion and submission, as well as the rider's form and use of aids.
JUMPING PHASE: This phase is judged according to the current USEF Eventing Rules for Show Jumping. In this phase of the competition, the horse must remain obedient, supple and energetic enough to handle changes of direction and combination obstacles, as well as typical solid cross-country obstacles and water.
SCORING: Penalties are incurred for knock-downs, refusals, falls and for exceeding the optimum time. Penalties from each phase are then added together to determine an overall score. The horse and rider with the fewest penalties in each phase is declared the winner. 

General Information

1. All riders should arrive early enough to walk their courses.Once the Jumping Phase has begun, course walks will only be allowed during the breaks between divisions. 

2. All ride times are tentative. Organizers reserve the right to change ride times. Listen for announcements and check for Notices at Show Office. 
3. Riders are encouraged to ride in more than one class! (See discount information under Entries on Premium for multiple full T.E.D. entries on same horse.) 2 Full T.E.D. classes = 1 Entry.
4. Two riders may ride the same horse in two different divisions. 
​5. Post Entries: Entries received after the closing date may not be accepted, or may be placed on a waiting list or charged $20.00 post entry fee. Please check with Show Secretary regarding acceptance of late entries.
​  a. Cancellations: Competition cancellation and/or rescheduling allows competitors to a refund less a $20.00 administrative fee.
6. Refunds: Before closing date, Derby and/or Clinic entry will be refunded less $20.00 administrative fee. After closing date, refund less $20.00 administrative fee ONLY if place can be filled from waiting list. Otherwise, no refunds.
​ a. Returned Checks: A charge of $35.00 will be assessed for all returned checks.b. Incomplete Entries/Changes: Incomplete entries will either be returned or charged a $20.00 administrative fee. A fee of $20.00 will be assessed for each horse/rider change and/or substitution. 
7. Clinic Policy: The Event Derby® will make every effort to accept all clinic applications. In the event a Clinic is oversubscribed, priority will be given to:
1) those who are also entered in The Event Derby®; and
​2) by postmark date. See paragraph 5 above for Refund Policy. 

8. Saturday Dressage Options: Group clinic for up to 4 riders at lower levels or "Ride-A-Test" with 20 min. added for feedback and assistance by clinician/judge.

Competition Rules:
1. This competition will be conducted under the rules and regulations contained herein and will conform to USEA/USEF rules as applicable, including the following:
2. The Jumping Phase rules and scoring will conform to the current USEA/USEF Rules for Show Jumping. Dimensions of obstacles will be according to the USEA/USEF Rules for Eventing of the current year. 
A. Eliminations: Intro riders may have their coach(es) assist them in the unlikely event that they are eliminated. At the Judges’ discretion, Intro riders who have been eliminated may complete the course. Beginner Novice riders may, at the Judge’s discretion, negotiate the obstacle(s) at which they were eliminated with the assistance of their coach if necessary.
​ B. Levels: A horse may not be entered in more than two (2) consecutive levels for jumping (i.e., Beginner Novice and Novice) except for those entered in the Event Horse 2B Challenge who have no restrictions.
C. Jumping Phase Dress and Saddlery: USEA/USEF Rules for Cross-Country apply, including protective vests, helmets with harness and USEA medical armbands. USEA regulations for safety equipment will be required.
d. Errors or deviations from the prescribed course are penalized as follows:

First disobedience4 penaties
Second disobedience *this is elimination for Preliminary, Intermediate, and Advanced divisions8 penalties           
Third disobedience on courseElimination
Knockdown4 penalties
First fall of competitor or horseElimination
Exceeding the optimum time (per second)1.0 penalty
Exceeding the time limit


Error of course not rectifiedElimination
Leaving arena areaElimination

3. The Dressage Phase will be scored on a penalty point basis; as in Eventing, the competitor with the lowest score will win that division of the competition. 

A. Dressage Test Only Class: USEF tests the will also be offered at all sites. Specify on your entry form which tests you wish to ride.

B. Reading of Tests: The Eventing dressage test must be executed from memory. Beginner Novice Intro and Beginner Novice are exempt from this rule.

C. Arena Size: Dressage tests (USEF 2010 Beginner Novice A through 2010 Preliminary B) will be ridden in a small (20x40m) arena). Dressage tests (USEF 2010 Preliminary C through all F.E.I. Tests) will be ridden in a standard (20x60m) arena. All USEF non-Eventing tests will be ridden in a standard (20x60m) arena. 

D. Show attire and Braiding: optional. e. Eliminations: Please refer to the current USEA/USEF Rules for Eventing. f. Errors or deviations from the prescribed course are penalized as follows:

First error2 penalties
Second error4 penalties
Third errorElimination

4. Whenever horses are tied in the final classification, the horse with the least number of faults (jumping and time) in the Jumping phase shall be placed first. If still tied, the best score of the collective marks of the Dressage shall prevail. If still tied, placings and awards are to be duplicated. 

5. Use of non-standard equipment, trainer’s schooling horses, or other deviations from USEA/USEF Rules may be allowed with permission from show management and riding hors de concours (HC) may be required. Please check with the Techincal Delegate.

Enter The Event Horse 2B Challenge

1. Open to horses of any age, size, race, color or creed that have never competed in any equestrian competition involving either jumping or dressage prior to this The Event Derby® in the current year.
2. Horses may/should enter the clinics offered on Saturday.
3. Horses will receive points for all qualifying rounds per High Point rules. Enter as many The Event Derby® full divisions as you like. (see rules #4 thru #6 under High Point Rules)
4. The horse with the highest number of points from full divisions (not jumping only or dressage only) classes wins:
a. A Ribbon
b. Your name and your horse's name engraved on the coveted Metal McRae Memorial Trophy awarded in honor ofMarianne McRae, a purveyor of fine horses and horsemanship. This award is co- sponsored by Sally Groom and Shelley Trevor.
​ c. $500 awarded to the winner
5. Horse must be ridden by the same rider throughout the competition.
6. Ground jury reserves the right to limit classes if needed.

USEA Young & Future Event Horse Series Rules

Go to for information regarding this program. You will need to download:
1. USEA Horse Life Registration Form
2. Young Event Horse Test Entry Form
3. USEA Young Event Horse Series Dressage Test